One special thing about the world of Gas Mask War is that it does not exist the gasoline. After the Energetic Crisis and the Hard War, nobody uses fossil fuels or non-renewable energy. So all the vehicles are electric, hydraulics or use animal forces. The vehicles, all of them, will suffer damage, can be jammed or even explode. This damage will be visual, with broken glasses, smoke from the motor, scratches or dents. The animals will suffer wounds and they can die, like the rest of the tamed animals. The players will be able to repair the vehicles (like in Far Cry 2) and heal the rides (like in Far Cry Primal).

All the vehicles will have also skins and some upgrades, like mounted weapons or armor. The players will be able to shoot from all the vehicles with one-hand weapons, like the guns, and throw grenades, Molotovs and other throwable items. Some vehicles will have mounted weapons that player will able to use if they have a human or android partner that can drive in their place. The player only needs to put a mark on the map and the NPC will drive to that point.

The players will be able to jump from vehicle to vehicle and from a moving vehicle to the ground, avoiding an explosion, an ambush or to create a distraction.


The earth vehicles are something essential in the Open World Type Games. This featured to allow the players to travel faster through the map and do cool tricks. The first person camera will show the character opening the car doors and getting on, showing the hands and camera movements regarding the character eyes. Some vehicles, like the cars, will have inside decors, like charms hanging from the driving mirror or maybe a doll into the dashboard. These assets will move will the vehicle movements. Other decorations can be the keychains that also will do metallic sounds.
Some vehicles, like the cars, will have a radio with different broadcasters that the player will able to change or just turn off.
Some vehicles are faster than others, like the quad regarding the normal car. However, in most of the cases, these vehicles will have the problem of having less protection against bullets and other damages. For example, the quad is fast, but a wolf can attack the players easily and even throw them out of the vehicle.

Some examples are:

  • Mountain Bikes
  •  Quads (Electric)
  •  Motocross (Electric)
  •  4×4 Cars
  • Trucks

Animals as Vehicles

I based this mechanic in Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal and Battlefield 1.

I love the games that allow the players to do things that in real life are possible but difficult, like ride an elephant. I think that makes the players’ experience richer.

One of the best vehicles is animals. There are many that the players will be able to use and costume, using skins for the animal and the complements. The animals do not a road or a path, so the players will able to get sooner to the places and avoid random missions and enemies.

Like with the other vehicles, the camera will show the movements of the character to getting up the ride. Also, some up and down movements to imitate the animal movements while it is running.

  •  Horses
  •  Donkeys
  •  Wolfdogs
  •  A Shark


The aquatic vehicles are essentials in this map that is surrounding with water. The players will be able to get up from the water or from the earth. Also, some vehicles like the Motorboats or the canoes will be able to be pushed to the water. The camera needs to show the character moves from a first-person camera and the movements of the water, splashing the “screen”. Also, the camera needs to show the speed and work with the weather. Some vehicles, like the canoes, are more fragile, so they can be sunken for a wave in a storm or will be broken easily to taking damage.

Some examples are:

  • Bathyscaphes
  • Boats
  • Motorboats (Electric)
  • Canoes
  • Military Ships


The aerial vehicles in Vichelocrego are only for short travels through the island to island. They are light and do not have armor, but they are fast and really funny.

  • Light Aircrafts
  •  Wingsuit
  •  Parachute
  • Hang Glider