I want that the weapons be equilibrated. I do not want a massive weapon that simplifies the game. I want that the players can get awesome weapons but with some limitations for do not simplify the game at the end. I want a fun game, but also a challenge.

Weapon Types

The different type of weapons allows the players play the game different ways and making the game his. The weapons will have skins and modifications that will make the weapon adapt to the players.

I want the weapons to be exclusive for the game, but I am not a specialist on weapons and I want to make them as realistic as possible, so I will put weapons as examples and some, like the Knife-Spoon, that are mine.

Melee Weapons

The players will be able to make executions with any melee weapon. Melee weapons cannot have attachments. But can have skins and charms. Also some will be able to be throwable.

Each melee weapon have their own execution and throw animations.

  • Hunting Knife: Versatile weapon indispensable for all that want survive. Is fast and silent, perfect for do executions. This weapon is the basic that the players will have. This one will be able to be throwable.
  • Machete: Like a big knife. Is a little slower but still silent.
  • Knife-Spoon: Maybe is not recommendable use it to drink soup anymore, but is great as weapon. This is a special weapon and need to be crafted by an Artesian.
  • Lumberjack Axe: The faithful friend of any lumberjack. Is heavy and a bit slow, but lethal, even against heavy enemy. This one will be able to be throwable.
  • Scythe: For all the players to want impersonate the Death. Is heavy but still fast. Is a little fragile if is used against heavy enemies.
  • Sickle: the small and weightless sister of the scythe. This one will be able to be throwable. (With a animation like: flip the sickle in the air, graving in it by the sharp edge and throwing it like a boomerang)
  • Shovel: It can be use it to dig or bury, at players’s preference. This one will be able to be throwable.
  • Electric Knife: Perfect for execute any android in the players’s way. This one will be able to be throwable.
  • Metal Bat: Classic metal bat with its classic “ding” when hits a head. This one will be able to be throwable.

Short Range Weapons

Only the pistols, like the M1911, can be attach a silencer. All weapons can have different attachments for improve the weapon. Also all can have different skins and charms. (Like in Rainbow Six Siege)

  • Shotgun: Potent weapon for close encounters.
  • M1911: Trustworthy like no other.
  • Revolver: Like a mini sniper.
  • Electric Shotgun: Perfect for all that androids to come too close to the players.
  • Electric Pistol: A silent gun for slay androids.

Middle Range Weapons

Some of these, like the Z-45 Submachine, can have a bayonet and be use for do executions. Also some can be attach a silencer. All weapons can have different attachments for improve the weapon. In addition, all can have different skins and charms. (Like in Rainbow Six Siege)

  • Taser Submachine: This fast shooting weapon is made for close and middle combat against androids.
  • Z-45 Submachine: Antique but trustworthy weapon. Can have a bayonet.

Long Range Weapons

Some of the Rifles can be attach a silencer. All weapons can have different attachments for improve the weapon and all can have different skins and charms. (Like in Rainbow Six Siege). With the Sniper Rifles the players will be able to hold the breath to improve the accuracy for short time.

  • Bow: Normal bow, with normal arrows. Kills. That is the only that matters, no?
  • Compound Bow: An improved bow with pulleys. Kills better.
  • Crossbow: An improved, improved bow. Kills faster and better.
  • AK-47: Fast and trustworthy rifle. Perfect for all type of combats.
  • Sniper Rifle “Bum, Bum”: This sniper rifle shoots explosive bullets capable to sink a boat or shoot down a buzzer. Very slow and with only five bullets. But can sink boats. Do not forget it. I designed like this for try to dissuade the players to use it against anything it moves.
  • Sniper Rifle: Perfect for long distance combat. Slow but very effective.
  • Hunting Rifle: Faster than the sniper rifle. It can be use comfortably in long and middle combat.

Ammunition Types

Because there is a lot of ways to play the game, are also several types of ammunition. The ammunition can be found in several places, like in the bodies of the enemies, in chests and boxes that the players will be able to explore or in the ground. When the ammunition is in the ground the players will pick it automatically when walking on it. These are some examples:

For Fire Weapons:

  • Armor Piercing Ammunition.
  • Infected Ammunition (with Eris’s Dream).

For Bows:

  • Explosive Arrows.
  • Electric Arrows.
  • Pheromones Arrows (will attract Changed animals or humans to a concrete location). (Like the Pipe Bomb in Left4Dead)

For Electric Weapons:

  • Electric Wave Darts.

Throwable Weapons

  • Grenades: The throwing weapons par excellence. There are few types:
    • Fragmentation Grenades: The normal grenades. Throw it and it will explode.
    • Smoke Grenades: A few seconds after be throw it will release a smoke cloud.
    • Blinding Grenades: It will blind the enemies with a flash of light.
    • Timing Spores Grenades: Similar to the Smoke Grenades with the difference that it will release hallucinogen spores instead only smoke.
    • Spores Grenades: These ones are similar to flares. When are activated they release immediately a spores fog. They can be use attached it to vehicle or an animal leaving the enemies behind sink in spores. They are cheap to craft and buy but tricky to use.
    • Ant’s Nests (Timing Incendiary Grenades): These one are complex and expensive bombs. A few seconds after that be activated the will release the Ants. These small robots with simple AI it will search for flammable areas or enemies and explode.
    • Salt Grenades: These grenades are specific made for finish with Changed. They release a cloud of salt that will dry the Changed.
  • Molotov: Cheapest than the Ant’s Nests but with, more or less, the same result. Some alcohol, a rag and an empty bottle. That’s it. The players will need to have careful with do not burn themeselves as the fire will spread all over the place.
  • Knifes: There are knifes and you can throw it. Simple.

Special Weapons

There are different types of special weapons. Are difficult to get. Some will be a mission reward others will be crafted or bought in the store.

  •  Explosive Weapons:
    •  RPG: A nice rocket launcher for all that armored objectives that the players want to see explode. Heavy and slow, but very effective against anything.
    • Grenade Launcher: This launcher can be reloaded with any type of grenade.
  • Animals as Weapon:

Some of the animals that the players will have as partner can be use as weapon. The players will be able to give to them orders. Also they will attack to any enemy that will attack the players. They will defend him and cover his back.

  • Aquatic and Subaquatic Weapons
    • Harpoons: Aquatic melee weapon. Is designed for killing fish, but you ca use against whatever you want. Is throwable, of course.
    • Harpoons Gun: For all the players lazy enough to throw a harpoon with their arms. Perfect for subaquatic hunting.
    • Boat Harpoon: For all the players lazy enough to carry a weapon or all who want to hunt something bigger than a fish.
  • Vehicles and Mounted Weapons
    • Run over the enemies. Humans vs. car. The result is predictable.
    • Put a C4 inside the vehicle, then jump and activate the C4 while you walk without looking back.
    • Shoot from the vehicle. Whatever it is take your favorite gun and sooth. Careful with the expansive waves and the collateral damages. Your car CAN explode too. Do not forget it.
    • Use the mounted weapons. Some examples are:
      • Mounted machine guns. Can be on the ground, in some barricades or in some vehicles.
      • Boat Harpoon
      • Planes Mounted Heavy Gun.

Weapon Attachments, Charms & Skins

I love the skins and attachments selection panel of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. The charms are like the ones in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

All the firearms will have attachments that will improve it. Some of them are very worn and others are handmade, very rustic. All the weapons will have normal skins that the players will be able to buy in the craftsmen shop and some exclusive skins that the players will get completing missions. The charms are not purchasable. The players will need to craft them or get from missions. Also, the charms are for melee weapons as for firearms.