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Weather & Tides


I want the weather to change with the pass of the days. I want that, for example, some days it will be sunny and others foggy and even that the weather can change in the middle of the day or the night.


They are my inspiration for the essence of the game and I want to reinforce that idea making them present in the world. I will like that the time to time the weather changes and rains or appear mist and sometimes that a storm will form. I will like that the players live that experience of a strong storm. That the rain makes floods and earth shifts. And the wind makes the trees fall changing the environment.


The players are in an archipelago, so they need to see how the tides go up and down. This mechanic will affect to the environment too. Some caves will be sink when the tide is up and other things, like sink ships, only will see it when it is low. This can intensify the gameplay because the players will could find themselves in the middle of a cave with dive equipment and with the tide rising.


There are different types of biomes on the map. Some are unique to one island or another. This is a list with the different biomes, their main characteristics and some examples.

(All the photos in this section are mine :) )

Collection · Hunting · Fishing Areas

These zones will be signaled with information signs, like the ones in the gallery (I took these pictures in Galicia) and can be found in the entire map. The main characteristics of these zones are that they have more probabilities to find the resources signaled.

War Ruins

The different wars and conflicts all over the years let a lot of abandoned but yet interesting places. The most part of these places is urban biomes so the type of fauna that the players that will find are, for example, Donkeys, Horses, Shepherd Dogs or Wolfdogs (You can find more Fauna in Fauna/Urban). But there are some places like the Sunken Subway or the Sunken Trade City of JJ that is under the sea so the fauna that the players can find are Marine types (You can find more Fauna in Fauna/Marine), like Eagle Rays, Dolphins, Morays or Giant Squids.


The marine biome is for obvious reasons (the map are islands) the most important and biggest biome. And, (obviously) the fauna is the marine type (You can find more Fauna in Fauna/Marine).  Because of the magnitude of this biome, it have different biomes inside:


In the Seashore biome, it can be found some anglers villages and some of the Outskirts, like Abellas Brancas. Is normal see fish being dried and women working on fishing nets or fixing crab traps. In the Seashore biome the players will be able to found, for example, Gulls or Cormorants. In the Seashore biome are other smaller biomes like the Marshes, the Ports or the Shipyards.


In the Beach biome, it can be found Radicals and Contrabandists are having fun at the beach or working with goods, like fruits, combustible, drugs, animals or alcohol. The players will be able to enjoy the beach playing games with some NPCs or buying “goodies” from the Contrabandists. The fauna is marine birds, like the Gulls, also crabs, dolphins or rays. The structure of the beaches changes with the tides and with the storms.


The Dunes biome is part of the Beach/Seashore biomes. These beautiful natural structures appear close to the beaches and change with the storms. The players will able to destroy the dunes walking, goofing around or using vehicles, however, the dunes will appear again sometime later or after a storm.


The Cliffs biome needs to be the most amazing-looking biome, with the waves breaking against the black rocks. Also in the cliffs is normally found lighthouses or light signals and natural caves that will be exposed to the tides. In the cliffs, the fauna is “environmental” fundamentally, like the Barnacles or the Mussels, but also it can be found marine birds, like the Cormorants. Cliffs are dangerous during the storms and with the tides, but the players will have a lot of fun jumping from the cliff or climbing it.


The Deep Sea biome is the biggest from the Marine biome. The players can explore it using marine vehicles, like boats, or by diving. However, this biome is really dangerous. The players can die drowned and more during and storm or when the tide is rising. Also, this biome is full of different fauna, like Sharks, Rays, Dolphins or Whales, for talking the biggest ones. In addition, in this biome are also human enemies, like Radicals in their ships.


The Submarine Zones can be Marine Caves or Sunken Ships, Airplanes or Buildings. These zones are dangerous because are full of aggressive fauna like the Congers, Morays, Sharks or Octopus. Some of these zones will be only accessible by diving, others will be accessible also with the tides. (More information about the Submarine Caves in the Caves tab)


The River biome is another of the biggest biomes of the game. The River biomes have a lot of importance into the gameplay because the players will be able to use they like a fast conveyance (using canoes for example), as a great way to get money by fishing and because the rivers will change the environment with every storm, making the game feel alive.


There are many rivers through the map, some more abundant others smaller. The main characteristic of the rivers is that they will grow with the rain and the storms, dragging dirt and logs and changing the surroundings. During the storms can appear new “rivers” due to the floods. The fauna will be Ducks, Water Snakes, Otters or River Fish. (More information about the fauna in the tab Fauna/River).  The River biome includes other smaller biomes like the Waterfalls, the Water Mills or The Springs.


In the Swamps and Lakes, biomes are easily found in Water Snakes that convert these beautiful places in mortal traps. In these biomes also lives birds like Herons and Kingfishers and a big amount of fishes like the Trout. The players will be able to found treasures hidden in their deep waters like sunken planes or buildings. Also, they will have the opportunity to relax fishing in a boat. Just be careful with the snakes.


There are only a few Mountain biomes on the map and have its own fauna, like Bears, Wolfs or Eagles (More information in the Tab Fauna/Mountain). The mountains can be climbed and have Hang-glider points on the highest points.


The Forest biome is the third one in size. There are many forests in the different islands, some are made of pine trees and others are a mixture. These biomes are full of resources, vegetable and animal and full of hidden missions and places, like cabins or Rites. Some of the fauna that the players can find are Wild Boars, Red Foxes, Deer or Genets. (More information about the fauna in the Tab Fauna/Forest).


The Corpses’ Forest biome is a special type of forest. These biomes have a lot of Changed flora and fauna. The trees are growing from the corpses that have the Toxin inside them. Are a really creepy and gore biomes. The players can see heads or torsos hanging from the branches or forming part of the main trunk. Some of these corpses have “light” thanks to the bioluminescent moths that live on them. Because of the high concentration of Toxin, the players need to use special suits or at least gas masks that are in perfect condition. If the players enter these forests without any protection, they will lose big amounts of health and will die in a short time. In these biomes, the fauna is changed and is easily found Symbionts and Changed. Are high difficulty areas.


The Meadow biomes are close to the Villages or Shelters and are usually used by the survivors to farming. The fauna is meek in general, like Sheep, Pigs, Horses or Shepherd Dogs. There are other smaller biomes that can be found in the Meadows like the Farms, the Mills or the Fields.


The Cave biomes have different types. Caves can be found all the other biomes even in the Toxic Zones. The difference between the caves will be regarding in its biome (mountain, marine, river, …). Here some examples:


The Sea Cave biome has zones full covered with water, others that will be flooded with the tides and others that are without water, but that will be still wet, so it will have drops falling from the ceiling. The walls are covered with barnacles and seaweed. There are some zones of the ground are covered also with seaweed that is slippery and can make the players fall if they are running.

The Submarine Caves have the most part of their zones underwater, but some have some parts without water, even with corridors and labyrinths. These caves are dangerous with aggressive fauna like Sharks or Giant Squids.


The River Cave biome is wet biomes. Some are abandoned water mines, salt mines or coalmines, flooded in some zones and full of bioluminescent mushrooms. In these caves the players can found Foxes, Bats or Wolfdogs.


The Mountain Caves have intricate labyrinths that go up and down. Some of these caves are also abandoned mines or abandoned Rites’ Villages. These biomes are the ones with some of the High Difficulty Areas with high-level enemies and fauna. The caves have lots of flora and fauna, creating in inside the mountains mini-ecosystems.


The Bunker biome are places where the Radicals and the Contrabandists keep their goods. These are small places hidden inside of caves, farms or forests.

The Abandoned Subway is in its most part sunken, however, there is a small fraction that is still on the surface, under the Anarchy 01 in Sagrado. This is a dark place that has the rests of the Underground City, Pinky Pony (:D).

Polluted Zones

The Polluted Zones biomes are all those places that have a high concentration of pollution. Like the Dark Zones, these biomes are just a few in the entire map and have their own fauna and flora. (More information in the tabs Fauna/Mutated Animals and Flora/Special Flora). These biomes are dangerous because of the high concentration of pollution and the poisonous fauna and flora. It is necessary special equipment to explore these areas, without it, the players will be poisoned and lost heath with the time.

Toxic Zones

The Toxic Zone biomes are all those places (like the Corpses’ Forests) that have a high concentration of Toxin. These places are dangerous for the mind and it is necessary to have good equipment to explore it. There are full of mushrooms and toxic spores, also the fauna that lives in these places are changed, so is really aggressive.

Dark Zones

The Dark Zone biomes are where the most radical and violent Rites live. These are just a few zones on the entire map. These biomes have the characteristic of having the Rites decorations and their iconographies, like skulls or crosses, so they are different between them.

Shelter · Village · Anarchies

These are the Urban biomes. These biomes are where the NPCs live and are different between them. (You will find more information about the fauna in the Tab Fauna/Urban)


The Villages are from the Rites. Are different between them and their architecture will depend on the Rite and their customs and beliefs. Some are more natural, like the cabins made out of wood, but others are weird and creepy, like the tents made out of human skin and bones.  One example is As Palmeiras, the Village of Aloia Ibias and her Rite.


The Anarchies are the cities of the Radicals. These places were one day the Clean Future’s Supercities, but after the GWFCE attacks, these places were abandoned. The remaining Clean Minds (the military from Clean Future) decided to clean and fortify these ruins and establish there they own “countries”. These cities have their own rules and it is necessary for a passport to enter and leave the Anarchy without any extra holes in the body.


The Shelters are where the “normal” people live. There are different types of shelters regarding the job that is made inside. They are like small towns, different between them but with a more “realistic” aesthetic. One example is Abellas Brancas, the Big Shelter of Morrigan.


The Dome biome is unique because have types of fauna and flora that were extinct before and during the Energetic Crisis and that Clean Future preserved in these domes around the world. Also, in the Dome is where the SPTS store their experiments. The aesthetic of this is biome is also unique, using the Abstract Art from the Beautiful Days, a “vintage” aesthetic that disappeared between the 1995 and 1999 being substituted by the Abstract Punk.


These are the places of the game. There will be others in the maps that will be designed later. So I will put you in here the most impressive ones.


Sagrado is the first of the three islands in the Vichelocrego archipelago. Its name, Sagrado (Sacred) was given for incredible caves that can be found on its beaches and also underwater, which are reminiscent of temples and cathedrals. In addition, Sagrado has always been clean of Polluted Zone, despite it had the Trade City JJ (now sunken) and to have had the most touristic Capital City of the region, Luscofusco. After the Red War, the area was severely damaged, physically and economically, and its remoteness from the coast was the key point for Luscofusco and its inhabitants to decide for themselves to turn the island into a Dark Zone in which to live in tranquility. When Clean Future came to power, they respected their decision and created a small and unique Supercity on it called Supercity 01. Also, they created beautiful Outskirts known as “As Palmeiras” (the Palm Trees). These trees were the ones that Clean Future had planted in all the beaches, given its high resistance to salt and pollution.

Before humanity lived the Energetic Crisis, they lived a moral crisis. First was the attacks to the ecologist group Clean Future by the Hushers, a civilian group that gathered with the idea to end with all the “social threats”. These attacks killed many innocents that only wanted a better world. Then, in 1963, the Hushers attacked again. During the Beautiful Days, the most part of the people was atheist, the remaining believers were scattered around the planet. After the attacks over Clean Future and due to the recent events, like global warming, the continuous droughts or the appearance of new diseases that were killing many, the believers decided to warn humanity about the oncoming apocalypse. To have more strength and be better organized, they decided to form a unique religion under a unique sacred book called The Truth. This new religion was called The Devoted. The Devoted preached their fears, trying to warn the society. But like Clean Future before them, they were attacked by the Hushers, that this time did not have any mercy: they hunted The Devoted and burned their sacred places. The prisoners were “exposed” to the public, being tied to the streetlamps to incite the rest of the people to torture and humiliate them. Many died there. Nobody untied them and nobody picked up the corpses, they were left there as a warning and as torture to their families and allies. After months being butchered, the remaining Devoted decide to run and hide in bunkers called Secret Churches. They decorated these places like they were a cathedral upside down, with domes and belfries built on the floor and also in the ceiling like it was a reflection. They put a lot of ornamentation and iconography. Also, they built gardens, farms, apartments, schools, hospitals… everything underground. They waited there until Clean Future won the war in 1995. After that, due to preserving these sacred places, they built churches above. These churches had the number of the Supercity that they belonged to and counted with houses and farms to be self-sustainable.

After the GWFCE attacks, many of these places were abandoned. That is the case of the Church 01 in Sagrado. The Devotes that lived there became part of Aloia’s Rite and left the church. Now is Angela’s base.

This Trade City was sunken after the Red War. The city was design based on the rare Jeremejevite mineral, in its transparent colors and aqua blue. Today the players can still visit it if they use appropriate diving equipment.

Luscofusco was a very important tourist Capital City due to its proximity to JJ Trade City. Was one of few in the region that kept its status as Capital City until the end, learning to live ecologically, trying to make their environment spoil as little as possible, in order to continue having tourists, even during the Energetic Crisis. After the Red War, Luscofusco was severely damaged both physically and economically, so they decided to transform themselves into a Dark Zone, taking care of the damaged environment and their city as much as possible. They were never considered a Rite and when Clean Future came to power, he decided to keep the city as it was, creating his little Supercity 01 in the vicinity and the Outskirts on the coast.
It was the first Village to be attacked by Angela’s Toys and now is abandoned. But the players can still visit it and enjoy the 1960 Art buildings.

Once was a beautiful and unique Supercity. The buildings were translucent blue and white spheres representing bubbles made by fishes that were represented with Abstract Art sculptures. Now is an Anarchy. The only one Radical base in Sagrado.

As Palmeiras was the name given to the Outskirts of Supercity 01.Was built on the coast with the recycled wood of the old ships of the port. Its design was based on maritime stuff, like lighthouses, ships and fisherman. Was surrounded by palm trees, white sand and clear and cold waters, being one of the most beautiful outskirts of the region.

Now As Palmeiras is the Shelter of the Da Chorona’s Rite, led by the priestess Aloia Ibias.

This cave reminds to a cathedral. Have long and narrow corridors, high ceilings, tall “columns” and “windows”, holes in the wall that the Rite members fill with candles of the A Chorona. (Like the Exvotos that are used in Galicia to ask for a wish to Saint). The entrance is full of Gloria da Mañá flowers and hallucinogen fungus (for be honest, I don’t have an idea which one it is. That is why you cannot find it in the Flora section). The Rite members hang in the entrance crystal bottles with tears and shells that make a really creepy noise with the wind. The cave has a type of algae that makes the water on the walls become red, reminding to blood tears. In the end have a deep salt lake. In cave, the players will find corpses of Radical, Rite members and contrabandist that was for different reasons. Also, in end, the players will find the Chorona’s Altar, in honor of Aloia Ibias and her beloved lover Jacob Lias.


Abelleira is the second one of the three islands that make up the archipelago of Vichelocrego. The Island is well known for having one of the few Polluted Zones that have been cleaned and delimited to conserve the only fauna and flora that has been formed in those places. This island was called Abelleira (bees nest) because of their famous beekeeper and their silver and gold honey. As happened in Sagrado, Clean Future built-in Abelleira a small Supercity, called Supercity 02, unique in its class and some beautiful Outskirts named Abellas Brancas in honor of these curious insects that are only live in that island in particular

These Outskirts was built around the collection of honey and wax and trying to respect the environment as much as possible. The name was given by the white bees that live there. Now is used by Morrigan as Base and Shelter.

The Supercity 02 was created in honor of the honey and the bees. So their Abstract Art structures were designed based on honeycombs, the bee’s nests and the traditional apiaries that the beekeepers use. Now is the biggest Anarchy on Abelleira.


Paraíso Island is the third in the Vichelocrego archipelago and was for many years Clean Future’s headquarters. The corporation had placed in it an impressive Dome in the middle of the island that protected the ecosystem. It was abandoned after the GWFCE attack that kills everyone on the island. The island is the smallest being the Dome almost the only interesting place. Inside the Dome are the antique installations of Clean Future, with offices, departments, restaurants… The other interesting place in Paraíso is the New Mind Sanatorium, which is in a cliff and was the place where Morrigan was enclosed after the Hard War, being used as a sexual slave by one of the doctors. At present, it is the new base of the SPTS, since in 2017 Enrique Vila took control of it.